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I was a teenybopper for the CIA
Among a weltering of happenings which even Lou Reed doesn´t want to discuss...
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11th-Feb-2015 05:48 pm - we get wild wild wild
not gay
Can I just ban every journalist from publishing again who writes about how there's a 70S REVIVAL going on in fashion?

Oh really? TAKE ME TO THIS REVIVAL THEN FOR I WISH TO PURCHASE ALL OF IT. Oh you can't, because it doesn't fucking exist. Thanks for getting my hopes up bastardssssss.

Special mention to the BBC for saying there was a 70s influence on the runway this year, with a feeling of "the first Woodstock", which, as we all know, famously took place in the 1970s and was one of that decade's defining moments.

On the other hand, good on them for reporting on the Zeki Muren exhibit. It's funny that there have been so many fashion exhibits on individual glam rock stars the past few years, with none of them looking at them in context, and the one glamrock related exhibit focusing on art and not music or fashion. People hate context right now, I guess, and prefer a great male genius narrative in which everyone is "like David Bowie" and nobody is part of a wider cultural movement.
30th-Dec-2014 06:49 pm(no subject)
not gay
I'll be replying to comments soon, I've just been really overwhelmed. Thanks to all of you. I really don't know what I'd do without you.

I bought some colouring books for grown ups, which I can REALLY recommend for brain soothing, so that's what I'm doing in between watching TV and reading the longest, worst Victorian novels I could find.

Since clothes are basically the only thing I can bear to look back (or think about, really) on here's my review of 2014 in clothes.

On the whole, it's been a pretty good and a pretty terrible time, clothes wise. A lot of places where I used to shop for clothes have gone bankrupt thanks to the expansion of Primark here. I've had to switch to dresses and skirts more radically since I haven't been able to properly buy trousers for years because of the highly tapered legs and the abominable way in which the hips and arse are cut these days.

On the plus side, there is a reasonable vintage market here now which allows me to buy more non- high street clothes. I also finished building my work wardrobe, which I am totally serious in deeming a work of art. Having a work wardrobe which is neat, relatively timeless, and appropriate, yet not boring or bland and still reflective of your personality is INCREDIBLY hard but I've managed it, I think.

Worst things about fashion in 2014

1. Money saving tactics by clothing manufacturers disguised as "style trends"
Basically everything that annoyed me about fashion in 2014 falls under this heading: ubiquitous shitty polyester, shitty elasticised cotton jersey for outer clothes, no lining, exposed zips, weird ways of cutting patterns, having clothes made of the same (cheap) fabric for both summer and winter and in the same style (saves having to make winter and summer collections!), and the above-mentioned abominable cut of trousers (saving on cutting fabric). You can't fool me.

2. People actually falling for this

3. The way men's suits are cut now
I hate everything about it. The short arms and legs. The shape of the trouser legs. The length and shape of shirt collars. The straight, skinny ties. The way the quarters are rounded and short. The tight shoulders. The thin, long lapels that don't go with the skinny ties OR the short collars. It's the fucking worst and we need to stop pretending it's not.

4. Very thick underwear but very thin outer clothes (and no lining???)
I'M SORRY, YOU SEEM TO HAVE GOTTEN THAT THE WRONG WAY ROUND. I'm also sorry you think that makes anyone not look like a misshapen potato. Which I somehow think is not the aim (or maybe it is? so they'll buy more terrible underwear).
10th-Nov-2014 08:41 pm(no subject)
not gay
I went to see the Tygers of Pan Tang, partly to laugh, partly to rock out in a stupid way. Done, and done.

Why do singers of hair metal bands all try to be Robert Plant when they're old? WHY.

Book reviews!

Elizabeth Bowen- Eva TroutCollapse )

Kevyn Aucoine Making FacesCollapse )

Elizabeth Gaskell- Cranford and other storiesCollapse )

Elizabeth Gaskell- Mary BartonCollapse )

Georgette Heyer- Friday"s ChildCollapse )

Judith McNaught- Every Breath You TakeCollapse )

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman- Evelina"s GardenCollapse )
28th-Oct-2014 08:15 pm(no subject)
not gay


I mean, it's also kind of making me cry. Cale's a lone warrior standing among the debris of the 60s, full of complicated feelings and going foetal.

BUT ALSO HE'D HOLD HIM. Also he's mimicking his way of singing sometimes. It's so fucked up but also sweet. Like a thousand fanfics.

uggghh if there is a stage beyond Calewife, I am totally there. I had to go and watch some videos of him being fat in the 80s just to get over this so I could do some fucking work.
27th-Oct-2014 08:48 pm - will you still love me tomorrow?
not gay
So because the universe hates my guts, Alvin Stardust died on Thursday.

I don't know if you realise exactly how great Alvin Stardust was, but in case you didn't, here's a demonstration.

Not only did he only play the Child Catcher on stage, and not for a second irl (well, as far as I know, anyway), he never had any problems playing along with stupid and/or cheesy sketches and, moreover, was really great in them.

He was such a good sport in Van Oekel's Discohoek (not even in a language he could understand)- where other artists were scared or angry and occasionally stormed off- that he starred in TWO sketches (to wit, this one and this one), something unequaled even by gigglemonsters Catapult.

Then, besides having one of the best glam Christmas singles, he did the best cover version of Will you still love me tomorrow?.

I saw him live once, and didn't go to the meet and greet because The Sweet were playing. I don't precisely regret it but I'm sad I couldn't go, especially as I talked to someone who did go and it was great.

However, just seeing him live was good enough already. He spent 99% of the performance walking up and down the stage and singing lines to screaming middle aged ladies and pointing at them. It was the best. I was totally in the mood to scream like a teenie by the end of it.
not gay
Hey, what do you know, this bitch is still alive, though I guess you wouldn't think it to look at me. Between work and the world's worst flu I haven't had time to think or do anything in a while. Then I was also pretty depressed about Lynsey de Paul dying.

Anyway, I went to my first ever record fair, which was an experience. It was pretty hilarious to see how the record economy works, because it's old white men selling stuff to other old white men for far more than it's worth, and then telling each other about it FOR HOURS ON END. On the whole it was a wash out for LPs, because lol overpriced. Only one I wanted to buy was a Babe Ruth album, but it was 20 euro. WHO EXCEPT ME IS GONNA BUY THAT. I'll give you 2.50, now shut up.

It was great for buying singles though, I got a pile of Dutch glam rock including this thing, which is hilariously obscure and the very last thing I'd ever expect to find, but this guy had a STACK of them. What.

Also got a copy of one of my favourite songs in the world in space and the single for Word Up because it was 1 euro. However, I didn't get a copy of You Just Might See me Cry because I thought 4 euros was too much and now really regret it. That song is worth WAY more than 4 euros.

In other news, I saw ABC live and it was really fun. I've been listening to them for ages, and yet, once I was standing there staring at them, my first thought was SHIT, THEY SOUND EXACTLY LIKE DURAN DURAN. I don't have the faintest idea how that never struck me before. They don't have as good a bass player though. So now they're kind of ruined. BUT Martin Fry was wearing a three piece suit with a one-button jacket and I thought that was incredibly daring.
2nd-Oct-2014 07:13 pm(no subject)
not gay
Lynsey de Paul just died.

If you don't know why that's terrible, you should read my review of the compilation of her work brought out last year. IMO she was the most critically well regarded of all glam rock artists and yet in general people ignore her or only mention her briefly in any writing on the genre.

I got to her relatively late in life, which I blame entirely on the way female glam rock artists have been buried by the music press and academic writing on music (although I got into Fox at a very early age because of TOTP2). I didn't even get to see her at the Bolan death tribute, although I suppose I was lucky enough to miss her Tory song (you were Jewish, you should have known better).

It's heartening to see even mainstream Dutch news covering her death, but how insane is it that everyone's coverage is like "well, she didn't marry, but don't worry, loads of men proposed, so she wasn't ugly or a lesbian or anything." Fuck yooooouuuuuuuuuuu. I'm going to bash them all over the head with a copy of They'd rather be making money.

Though the Dutch oldies TV channel once again has my unqualified approval for not doing any stupid reporting but just showing a bunch of her videos.
30th-Sep-2014 04:06 pm - and when I'm sad, I slide
not gay
Even though I'm more or less dying of busy, I somehow found the time to post this. I hope Astral Marc will forgive my not doing much special otherwise.

My only regret is that it's getting harder and harder to find FatMarc photos.

The definition of a mensch. Alternatively, the most ironic page in the Nice Jewish Guys calendar for 1965.

drive me baby, I give serviceCollapse )
not gay

What's odd is how I just feel the same grief and pain. It will be terrible for me to age and for him to never age beyond this point.

What's worse is how his image is slipping from our culture and replaced with thirty versions of the Aladdin Sane cover. I hate it, and yet, what can I do? Cast some magic spells, I suppose. I need to work on that.
14th-Sep-2014 03:56 pm(no subject)
not gay
Sooooooo I need to go to this, right?

Chris Addison! Hearing Rick Wakeman overplay pratfall sound effects with 1 trillion flourishes!

Just kidding, I think he'd be great at it actually, probably better than he'd be at scoring, say, Nosferatu which you know he WOULD overplay into the grave. My friend is calling it Wakey Wakey 2015 which just makes me want to go to it EVEN MORE.
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