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21st-Jul-2014 08:47 pm - always hiding in vacuums
not gay
One of the many advantages of this job is that I read sooo many books on the train. These are just the most interesting ones.
They're also completely and entirely random, because my taste. The last one has some stuff about antisemitism in it, in case you want to avoid that.

Marianne Spencer Stanhope Hudson- Almack'sCollapse )

Richie Unterberger- White Light/White Heat: the Velvet Undergroun day by dayCollapse )

Gigi Pandian- Pirate VishnuCollapse )

Diana Gabaldon- Lord John and the hand of devilsCollapse )

Roger Lockhurst- Late Victorian Ghost StoriesCollapse )

Emma McLaughlin= The Nanny Diaries & Citizen GirlCollapse )

Algernon Blackwood- The Empty House and other ghost storiesCollapse )
not gay

So, who's going to slash it for me????


ps: green why are you literally twice as tall as jdb. you're ruining my fantasies.
7th-Jul-2014 08:15 pm(no subject)
not gay
I know ladypockets is primarily an incredibly effective satire of the way mainstream publications write about women and the banality of women's magazines, but honestly it's also the first thing about contemporary (as opposed to vintage or retro) fashion I've actually liked and felt inspired by for AGES.

Like, why WOULDN'T I want to dress like Mary Beard or Jane Goodall? WHY IS NOBODY ELSE OFFERING THIS SERVICE.
23rd-Jun-2014 07:49 pm - a post about contouring
not gay
This is one of the most hilarious things I've read in a long time. I mean, yes, fuck the patriarchy that makes women think they have to do things like that, but on the other hand there's something so wonderfully kitsch and campy about people looking ridiculous in real life all the time for the purpose of looking good in some photos on Instagram.

And the whole idea of wanting to paint a new face over your own face for it, so THEY WON'T EVEN LOOK LIKE PHOTOS OF YOU. So you're adjusting your life to your fantasy life and nobody will even recognise you. oh my god. I love it. I LOVE IT.

Let's get serious about contouring for a moment though because I've been asked about this irl by people because I'm the go to make-up person. I don't know why this is suddenly a thing. Contouring has been around forever, and suddenly people think it's a magical new thing. As any drag queen or New Romantic artist knows, yes, you can (and should, if you don't take it seriously like an idiot would) turn your face into someone else's face with contouring. For the best examples, watch the James St James Transformations series:my favourite is the disturbingly convincing Cher.

I don't usually contour a lot because I have very strong features anyway so if I overdo it I look like Marc Bolan on the Marc show, but it's good for 1. achieving a look (like an 80s look) 2. looking particularly good. Generally, when I do contour, people keep coming up to me all like WOW YOU LOOK SO GREAT TONIGHT. But if you do it all the time, they'll get used to it, anyway, so what's the point of that.

I've always copied my contouring from men, because they wear so much of it (much more than women) which makes it easier to see. I recommend Adam Ant (but don't do his nose or eyebrow ridge contouring unless you're doing male drag. Yes, he painted on an eyebrow ridge to look MANLY), Morten Harket or Nick Rhodes as examples. Bowie did it sometimes, but he's a bit of a coward with it, and rightly so because his features are all tiny and his face is already so thin and bony, it disappears if he contours too much. Bolan did it a lot, but it's not always flattering; then again, sometimes it is.

I also use this contouring map from the 70s (for 70s make-up, of course) which I do with eye pencils. I know, it sounds/looks insane, but you can wear ANY amount of contour as long as you 1. blend 2. put a layer of powder over it 3. don't go into natural light.

Finally, this is by far the best general tutorial on it, and this is a general one for doing androgynous contouring.


or this:

16th-Jun-2014 08:11 pm - the way of an eagle
not gay
I went to see Napoleon (1927) the 5.5 hour epic by Abel Gance in a special performance with orchestra.

I was ambivalent about it before I went, but it was totally worth the 5.5 hours. I don't agree with Kevin Brownlow (who was also there) that it's the best film ever made (that would be Morgiana) or even the best silent film ever made (Ingeborg Holm) but it's the best piece of film-making I've ever seen, and probably the most technically experimental.

I'd always been taught that real use of the hand-held camera started in the 60s, and I've seen people try to push The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies?!! as the first film using it (obvious lies), but Napoleon uses it all the time. In fact, with that and the use of close-ups and fast cutting, it looked like a Monkees episode or something a lot of the time.

It´s long been my opinion that sound was the worst thing to ever happen to film. As soon as sound happened, people threw out the entire development of film up to that point and started over. IMO, late silent film reached a level of artistry sound film hasn't achieved yet and will never achieve until it drops its fixation with the idea that film is a stage play with some bits added on and more naturalistic acting.

Napoleon really proves that, I think, because it really looks something made over 30 years later but better. It has:

- extensive hand held camera use
- tracking shots
- extreme close ups
- swinging shots
- mosaic shots
- panoramic shots extending over three cinema screens at once (!)
- fast cutting (often combined with extreme close-up and hand-held, in real 60s experimental fashion)
- nudity
- cross dressing
and all sorts of other weird things.

I mean, I don't understand why you would trade that for the special hell that is early sound film, but then again I also hate or dislike 99% of the film canon, so there you are.

It has some dubious morality, especially in the cocaine-fuelled proto-fascist fever dream of the final scenes, but I don't think it's that damaging, considering how everyone knows what happened to Napoleon and few people will agree with the overall premise ("France should take over the world!"). Plus it is both really for and really against war? Very odd.

Finally, I always knew that 70s fashion was really influenced by the late 18th century, but I was not prepared by how much Napoleon looked like early 70s Rod Stewart with the layered hair and the eyeshadow. There are also some great waistcoats going on and men wearing hoop earrings, if you're into that (of course you are).
not gay
A list of people I hate:

- People who think Lester Bangs wrote good pieces about music
- People who like Lester Bangs
- People who respect Lester Bangs
- People who take Lester Bangs seriously
- People who quote Lester Bangs in academic writing (WHY. WHY. WHY.)
- People who quote Lester Bangs
- People who talk about Lester Bangs
- People who mention Lester Bangs
- People who think about Lester Bangs
- People who remember Lester Bangs

You'd think I'd hate Lester Bangs, but you're wrong there, because I can't, because he wasn't a person, just a person-shaped blob composed of everything I hate about music writing, music, writing, the patriarchy, people, and the world in general.
not gay
-What I really enjoyed about the EUP elections is the fact that the "anti" parties have a lot of seats, but since they're not in a fraction voting's going to go very badly for them. This would be more pleasing if it wasn't for the big wins they had in some countries and the antisemitism that seems to have become mainstream for some reason (though I suppose it was always mainstream).

- There's a new game to play at the vintage shops: "Is this from the 80s or from the 80s revival?". I suppose it's a change from "Is this from the 40s-50s or from the 80s?" and "Is that from the 30s? Why does it look like that?"

- I found a Biba knock off dress (transparent black with silver flowers) complete with knock off Art Deco style logo, but didn't buy it even though it looked fantastic on me, because it felt like a tissue-thin oil slick on my skin. But now I wish I'd bought it in the interest of fashion history. Also will I ever find another dress that looks as good????

- WHYYYYYY can't I wear 70s faux-Edwardian/prairie dresses? I found a great one inspired by aesthetic dress but it didn't suit me, and neither have any of the other dresses I have found in this style. I don't understand why I can get away with the stupidest sort of nonsense but not this.
29th-Apr-2014 08:51 pm - addendum of gayitude
not gay
Am I taking crazy pills or should this song be on the gay glam masterlist too:
Capt Skidlid- She knew him too (1972)

The thing is I've known this song for so long that I barely register that it's about both someone's parents fucking Lloyd George, and when I stop to think about it, it seems like that can't be the actual subject of an actual song. But it bloody well sounds like it is.

Although this was written by Peter Shelley, so who knows, really.
23rd-Apr-2014 08:13 pm - I'd say this is kind of a fairytale
not gay
I've been struck down with the world's worst cold, and it's been ruining my life for the past month or so, but I'm just about better enough now to type, so here's an important update on my gay glam rock song masterlist, prompted by the fact that we now temporarily have a Dutch retro music channel on the TV and they keep playing songs that make me go WAIT, WHAT?

I don't know how I missed half of these the first time around, but okay. Part of it is that to me, American glam is really, really difficult to classify and it takes a lot of research to place someone. A lot of people I would put into glam rock - and who a lot of Europeans do put in there, like Sylvester & Blondie- nobody in the US considers glam rock at all, while others (like Jobriath, or Jayne County for that matter) I am much more doubtful about but they're really sure of.

I thought about including Jonathan King songs, because really, why exclude him but include Bowie? But then again, he was a VERY prolific abuser, and I think he's terrible in general. Anyway, he did about four really early songs (1 from 1970, 2 from 1971, 1 from 1975) about being gay and also about a lesbian. So now you know, and I don't have to spend more time on Jonathan King.

The gaysCollapse )

LesliebeansCollapse )

BisexualityCollapse )

Trans & dragCollapse )
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